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Your Are Living In A Convict Colony

Doesn't that just make you wanna puff your chest out and walk around like a proud Australian? Well, get used to it because that is the chorus (if not the only line) of a new song that the Barmy Army will be singing during the Ashes series this year.

During a Today Show interview (on Channel 9) this morning, the Barmy Army representatives made no bones of the fact that they will be giving as good as they get, even if they don't get any. I'm not quite sure why they imagined that they wouldn't get any stick from the Aussie crowds, but that comment might just serve to embolden MCG Bay 13 faithfuls into producing some verses of their own. I'm willing to bet a pretty penny that the said verses will not be very kind at all.

If you want a taste of what we are all going to hear this summer, take a squiz at the Barmy Army's very own lyrics page. It might also give someone some inspiration to script their own heckle. Send us the words or, better still, a recording of a tune that you have invented for this summer and we'll publicise it right here.

I just can't wait for them whinging Poms to get here. Its on fellas, its on.

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Anonymous said...

For an Aussie based reply, see An Aussie song for the Ashes and tell everyone about it. If we know enough songs, we might be able to annoy the Barmies enough to reduce them down.

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