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I Prefer White

In this day and age of innovation, bright marketing campaigns and branding everything one can lay eyes on, I find that the canary yellow of Australia has been replaced by a very dirty green.

I understand that the new look is based on the rather old Baggy Green and I don't mean to degrade everything, or anything, that this institution in Australian cricket stands for. I applaud the love and passion that Antipodean cricketers have for this timeless tradition, but this really is going too far.

ODI cricket is all about bright lights, bright uniforms and numbers on players backs (so we were told just before the 99 World Cup) and attracting new customers, even though 20Twenty has taken over that role, somewhat. This latest move by Adidas/Cricket Australia harks back to the days when teams playing in India still wore white in ODI's, a decade after New Zealand had given up the skin tight beige look.

Sure, the shirts may incorporate the greatest technology available today, but, they are simply apalling to look at. For a company like Adidas, which is fighting tooth and nail with the other apparel majors to be the funkiest, sexiest and hottest manufacturer of sports equipment and clothing on the plant, this is a horrendous foray into international cricket.

On a similar note, I was delighted when Nike took over apparel supplier to the Indian team. I was waiting for an edgy and stylish uniform to suit the new, young and happening team. However, I was just as disappointed to observe that they hadn't made a single change to the shirts, except to place a huge swoosh on one breast. What's more - one would think they would have the shirts up for sale, well I have news for you ladies and gents, you will not find a genuine replica Nike Indian one day shirt in any shop on this earth or on the internet. This fact alone, defies any logic.

Its high time Adidas and Nike got down to serious work and did what we all know they are good at doing - designing colourful and stylish clothes with attitude. You Americans (and Germans) owe the cricketing world at least this much.
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