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Down With Fever?

According to Niranjan Shah (full article here), Yuvraj:
"..is down with fever and the doctor has advised him a few days rest."
How is it possible that a fit, healthy and young athlete of the calibre of Yuvraj Singh is unable to take his seat on a plane due to a "fever"? I have never heard of an elite sportsperson being unable to fly due to a temperature. Consipiracy theories started circling in my head as soon as I read Mr Shah's explanation.

However, like every good journalist should, the author investigated the matter further and revealed:
"Sources close to the team told Cricinfo that Yuvraj had an allergic reaction to the medicines prescribed for the fever."
The question asks itself: why did the BCCI or the team's bevy of support staff not ensure that Yuvraj had access to a top-notch physician in his home town? The said professional (or better still, a team of them) should have been retained by the Board to memorise Yuvraj's medical history and associated details in order to ensure the best treatment and care, as and when required, 24 hours a day. He/she would have further ensured that the player was not given any formulations to which he was allergic.

There is no point in earning hundreds of millions of dollars, crowing about it and even attempting to take over world cricket, if the very souls who wholeheartedly give themselves to the cause are not shielded from unnecessary harm. At the very least, they should be given the best possible assitance that money can buy, if they are dealt an unfortunate hand.

The last few months have brought a number of well-intentioned BCCI claims and proposals. Sadly, we have witnessed just another case of the BCCI posturing and not delivering. Worse still, in a sign that many of ills of the previous administration are rife in the current one, we have an attempted cover up. Admittedly it is for a reasonably minor issue, but do we have different rules for criminals who murder a young child as opposed to a terminally ill old man?

For the BCCI it is time to walk the talk.
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