Monday, June 25, 2007

Transfer Rumours: Thierry Henry Throws His Weight Around

Brilliant, talented, classy, even breathtaking. All these adjectives, and more, have been used to describe the footballer that is Arsenal's Thierry Henry. At the culmination of a season that saw Arsenal's main man (some would say, only man) being relegated to off-field action only, news appears that he is rather perturbed by reports indicating that he may be on his way to Barcelona.

Barcelona are naturally looking for a spearhead up front to replace the real genius of Samuel Eto'o. However, it seems strange that clubs like AC Milan and Barcelona would even look at Henry, considering all the global talent that the clubs could pick and choose from.

Henry is notoriously famous for under-performing for any manager that is not Arsene Wenger and for any team that is not Arsenal. The management teams of the two pursuing clubs would be taking a long shot if they believe that they can convert Henry from his one-coach, one-team ways.

On the other hand, one has to wonder at exactly where Arsenal will be headed next season if Henry does decide to gallop off to Europe. The insinuation of the Gunners being a one-man team are not entirely inaccurate, as almost their entire game plan is based around this one man. If Henry does leave, I think it wouldn't be far-fetched to predict that Arsenal could well find themselves mid-table at the end of the next EPL season.

One also has to wonder exactly what the two clubs and Henry's supporters see in the man. Sure he has shown some flashes of talent, but usually only when he has received the delivery he wants at the time he wants it. I think it would be fair to say that he is also notoriously famous for producing lame dives.

You want proof? Take a look at this:

Postscript: All denials emanating from Henry and his management team have proven to be mere lip service and all the speculation has been turned into reality. Aresenal's only greatest asset is on his way to Barcelona.

Now that it has been announced that Arsene Wenger will also not seek a renewal of his contract after next season, it seems apparent that he will be leaving the London club in quite some disarray - unless they are able to snare a big name forward who will have more than just his personal ambitions at heart.

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