Saturday, September 23, 2006

Forgotten Already Ricky?

The 22nd September 2006 showed how short memories of some people can be, especially Ricky Ponting’s. Let me take your minds back exactly 2 years and 7 months.

Australia was playing Sri Lanka in a tight one day international. Chasing, Australia needed 56 more runs to win at a run a ball with 6 six wickets in hand. Andrew Symonds and Adam Gilchrist had the task of steering Australia home in an enthralling ODI. Kumara Dharmasena bowled one of his darts, Symonds got a big inside edge back on to his pad, the Sri Lankans appealed loudly and Symonds was given out, much to the dismay of Gilchrist and the surprised Sri Lankans. Umpire Peter Emanuel realized the blunder he had just made and called Symonds back. But when he called him back, did we see the Sri Lankan captain Marvan Attapatu abuse the umpire and call the decision a “disgrace”?

No we didn’t. Attapatu fully knew that Symonds wasn’t out and accepted the reversal of the umpires decision with a smile on his face and gracefully. On the other hand when Sachin Tendulkar was called back yesterday after wrongfully be adjudged caught behind, Ponting stormed up to the umpire and showed considerable dissent. It was not only a blight on the game but also further enhanced the reputation of Ponting being hot tempered captain who is unable to control his on-field antics. The umpires’ position is one of respect, the umpires’ decision is final and no umpire should have to put up with such rubbish from a captain, even if that captain happens to be Ricky Ponting.

Maybe Ricky Ponting should learn to accept all decisions that umpires reverse, not just the ones that favour his side. Maybe he should also try and improve his on field behaviour.

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