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Are ODI's A Thing Of The Past?

On The Match Referee's Facebook fan page I recently asked whether there would ever come a time when England could be taken seriously in ODIs. Here, I found my answer. In one fell swoop the Poms have decided that one-day cricket is superfluous to their requirements and clearly not a priority for the future.

I can't help but get the feeling that this is a decision motivated by (wait for it...) financial considerations rather than any stiff-upper-lip English response to the less than pure forms of the game. If it wasn't, why wouldn't they scrap the 40 over competition too?

Given that the ODI Cricket World Cup is going to be around until at least 2015, for that's when the ICC's TV broadcasting deal expires, the Poms have virtually guaranteed their players the most imperfect preparation imaginable for these, still, prestigious tournaments. To be fair, English performances in limited overs cricket have been as inept as the ICC's handling of world cricket over the past decade. The Poms should do us fans a favour and withdraw from future ICC ODI tournaments altogether.

Is the ECB trying to convince the world that ODIs should be reduced to 40 overs or is this decision the strongest hint yet of the imminent disbandment of ODI cricket? What do you think?


Aaron said...

interesting comments Ayush, however I tend to agree with the apparent English sentiments. I cannot see the 50 over game continuing to grow in the next decade, and its downfall has started ever since the farce of the 2007 world cup in the caribbean. the crowds there were poor, the event was organised badly, and this is coming from someone who was actually over there to witness the farce. In stark contrast, the last 2 T20 cups have been fantastic and great for viewing. IMHO the ICC should scrap 50 over cricket and focus on tours with test series and T20 series?

Unknown said...

nice post

Jhoomur aka JB said...

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