Sunday, December 27, 2009

What If...?

Did anyone else watch the re-enactment of the Wato-Kats run-out fiasco on the second morning of the Boxing Day test? Wat if Kats should have been the one to put bat-under-arm and done the walk of shame back to the pavilion?

During Warney's and Slat's review of the first day runout between the Australian opening pair, they played a split-screen clip: one down the wicket, and the other square-on to the crease. Everyone is in agreement that Katich grounded his foot first. But what the clip showed but neither the third umpire, Ashoka De Silva, nor the commentators noticed, was Katich leaving his crease shortly after realising Wato was crying foul next door. Fortunately - for Kats - the bails had been dislodged just before his Sunday stroll. But WAT if he had walked out just prior to the bails being blown at the other end? Then Wato would've been given out incorrectly, due to umpire ignorance; and still, would anyone know?

Shame it didn't play out that way, but what if...

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