Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This time it's Kotlagate

The inability to produce a one-day wicket suitable to international standards should be a story of the past. But the Feroz Shah Kotla (FSK) groundsmen seem hellbent on proving me wrong in this past week. Will India still be chief host of the upcoming World Cup?

The ICC is breathing down the necks of the BCCI, amidst the fallout of 'Kotlagate', and the question is being asked whether India's pitches are fit to host the World Cup. Pakistan has already been removed as co-host; something about terrorist activity. And if India's incompetency strikes them out too, I expect South Africa would love to raise their hand for this one too.

India needs this. Bad. Real bad. Delhi is already rubbing its face in the mud with Commonwealth Games preparation, so another failure would demoralise even the most loyal Indian fans.

The egos must slide and the preservation of cricket's dignity in India must come to the fore. The bottomless pit of cash which is the BCCI should be spent handsomely in getting the curators from Australia to sort out this schoolboy error which has become FSK. Australian pitches have stood the test of time in a climate similar to that faced by curators in India, so why not take the pearls of wisdom that their curators could pass on?

Then again we are talking about the BCCI. A machine solely involved in self-preservation and showing its power in cricketing circles by shoving wads of cash down their counterpart's mouths. Hardly the father figure who will lead by example.

But knowing how important cricket is in the country where gods have names like Tendulkar and Dhoni, let's hope the issue is dealt with properly, so we can move on and enjoy the spectacle of the World Cup in India.

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