Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 'People's Hero'. Are You Convinced?

Freddy's gone. In similar style to that in which Steve Waugh announced his retirement just prior to the India series of 2003-04, Andrew Flintoff has kicked the bucket on his test cricket career, one match into the Ashes series.

Flintoff will officially be finished with test cricket after the second test at Lord's, which commences today, 10:00 GMT.

But what of it? Should we be saddened? confused? angered? in hysterics? or should we even care? I'm not sure. Flintoff's career has ebbed and flowed, due much to his attitude off the field impacting his on-field performance and relationships off it. Leading up to the 2005 Ashes and his performance in that series, Flintoff showed class, comparable to best allrounders to have played the game.

Since then, Flintoff has spent more time nursing injuries and being disciplined than playing competitive cricket. And when the 'People's Hero' has taken to field, his performances have not done justice to his ability, and has frequently seemed indifferent to his form and the impact it has on his fellow teammates.

I would like to open this forum to those who hold an opinion of Flintoff: the player, the joker, and now according to Ponting, the star of the "Circus". Should he be applauded or made to walk the Gauntlet of Shame? As I said earlier, I'm just not sure. The jury is certainly out.

What do YOU think?

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