Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congrats Real Madrid, The Virus Is All Yours

So the delinquent we commonly referred to as Ron has left the building. It was a great few years. He gave us goals and victories, the club gave him wads of cash and we gave him unadulterated affection with an almost guaranteed path to the pantheon of United greats. All he had to do was stay. Alas, the simpler things in life are easier said than done. He is no more and I can't help but wish Florentino Perez and Real Madrid all the best with their newly acquired virus.

Just like a slapper can't keep her legs closed, Ronaldo couldn't keep his trap shut and his mind in one place. Given his treatment of our great club, what level of service and loyalty does Perez expect from a bloke who's always looking for the next best thing?

If ever there was a tailor made case study for parents of young sporting superstars about humility, loyalty, the benefits of the right environment and how quickly it can all evaporate, this was it. Ronaldo had it all and he still fell for the dead grass laced with green paint on the other side.

All that needs to be said about his selfish ways has already been said and will continue to be uttered for weeks, if not months, to come. We can only look forward to SAF's next magic trick and pray to everyone's God that the next one turns out to be a whole lot more loyal and trustworthy.

It won't be an easy hole to fill, for Ronaldo wasn't admired for his less-than-manly antics on the pitch. Rumours abound about literally every man who has some semblance of talent and potential to play on the right. Until an able replacement is found, success over the next few years will likely depend on a new game plan, with different central figures and a more rigid approach.

Through pain and adversity comes the next big victory. Let's just wait for SAF's next master stroke for he is not a man who will settle for anything less than the best.

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