Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andrew Symonds Lets Rip

On Brendan McCullum:
"lump of sh*t"
And get this, on Matthew Hayden's wife Roy believes "a side glance":
"helps the meal go down amply well"

Those familiar with the Andrew Symonds situation will be familiar with his 4 misdemeanors in a hundred and forty-odd days. This latest slurring rant on national radio surely is the end of his Cricket Australia contract. Surely.

However, we all know that for all its political correctness Cricket Australia needs a winning Australian cricket team and the chances of that happening increase many-fold when Andrew Symonds is in the line-up. For this reason, and this reason alone, Symonds will get a slap on the wrist - a fine of some hefty description and a much smaller pay cheque next season.

This issue, however, brings up another important far more important issue about today's sports stars - the fact that watching the proverbial paint dry is likely to be more entertaining than listening to their banal answers to any range of rhetorical questions.

People like Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden (remember the "obnoxious little weed" episode, one the very same radio station it must be added) bring good value and character to the game. They must be encouraged to speak their minds about a whole host of issues, including their best pals' wives. I can only imagine that she is secretly quite chuffed by Roy's compliment. However, we are yet to see exactly how chilled Roy's next beer at the Hayden household is likely to be.

In today's PC world we must appreciate such candidness. Andrew Symonds may be the epitome of the new-age bogan (bogans without pot bellies), but his outlook on life must be heralded by all and sundry and held up as an example of all things that are good to all future sports stars.

Just as an aside, I wonder at the type of glances he has been giving his ex-best mate's fiancé, Lara Bingle. Now that would make for an interesting show down.

Listen to this path-breaking "interview"
and make up your own mind.

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