Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vinod Kambli Weds

It has come a little late to my attention, but as the old addage goes - better late than never. Hearty congratulations to Vinod and Andrea Kambli on their recent wedding. More details and image courtesy of DNA.

I think it would be safe to say that Kambli is the most prominent example of wasted talent in India. The kid had all the frills, but couldn't keep his head in tune. We thank the heavens for sending us Tendulkar, imagine where Indian cricket could have been if we could have had two Tendulkars. All that was required was someone to grab hold of Kambli's collar and proffer some tough love.

Alas, we can only dream. Although, ever the optimist, Kambli has not given up hope of a recall. At least Sourav Ganguly was included in the Challenger Trophy squad. I think Kambli will have to be satisfied with ensuring that no up and coming Mumbai player with a semblance of talent does another Kambli.

Here's to wishing the newly weds a very happy and prosperous future together.
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