Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Real Reason For Chris Tarrant's Move

The offcial Chris Tarrant was traded to Freemantle was to get a fresh start. Yet the Match Referee has learnt that there was much more to this story and if anything, Tarrant was the victim of a football club which used one of its star players and refused to respect him.

Earlier in the month, Collingwood super star was traded to Fremantle. The reasons given at the time for the move, was “a fresh start.” Although this maybe part of the reason, The Match Referee has come to know that there was something more sinister going on down at the Magpies.

Back in the 2005 season, the Magpies were in disarray. There were injuries to key players in Anthony Rocca, Josh Frasier and Nathan Buckley, just to name a few. Now the interesting thing is that Tarrant was also suffering hand, hip and knee troubles, yet he continued to play for the sake for of the club. Without him Collingwood would have finished lower than 16th if it was possible as they would have had no target in the forward line at all.

Tarrant reportedly asked coach Malthouse if he could play further up the ground in 2006, as to add another facet to his game which had become stale after a few years at full forward. Apparently, Malthouse agreed and all was well between the two. The 2006 season came around and Tarrant was still being played deep in the forward line with occasional stints on the half forward line. The so called promise had been broken.

To add insult to injury, through out 2006 Tarrant’s team mates, namely Shane O’Bree and co, refused to pass the ball to him in the forward line. Now as all you forward line players out there would know, the most frustrating thing in the game is when you put in a strong hard lead and the ball doesn’t come to you. Now can we blame Tarrant for being slightly disgruntled? First off all his own coach broke a promise to him, then his team mates refused to pass it to him. On top of this, the media were all over his back because he simply liked to have a good time. What is wrong with that?

Tarrant has been a wonderful servant to the Collingwood Football Club and maybe the club itself should have a good hard look at itself for not treating such a star player with a bit more respect. He was there throughout 2005 when the club needed him the most. Even though other key players were out injured, he played with his injury, pushing through the pain barrier. It is about time that people stopped bagging the man when they don’t know what the full story was. He is a top player and is bound to make Collingwood and its supporters regret letting him go.

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