Sunday, September 24, 2006

Deano On The Tied Test

Dean Jones interviewed about playing in India. This is hilarious quote and very indicative of the no-holds-barred/"be a man" Aussie approach that has made them the number one nation in many sports, not just cricket:
"When you reached 170, you were convinced you couldn't go on, but Border played some mind games with you, didn't he?
Yeah, he said: "If you can't hack it, let's get a tough Queenslander out here - get me Greg Ritchie!" And being very Victorian, I replied: "Yeah right, you've got no chance." So I stayed, and that moment forced me onto my 200. Looking back, it's great and I wouldn't change a thing, but back then I was a complete mess."
Nothing more needs to be said of Deano. The man is a legend of the cricket pitch (not the commentary box, even after discounting his "terrorist" comment) who's career was shamefully cut short by over-zealous selectors. Sure, the commentry box gaffe remark was a blight on this man's otherwise impecable character, but then again nobody is perfect.

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