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Warney The Great

Now that his retirement is official, to recognise Shane Warne's great feats we here at The Match Referee feel compelled to honour him in...Read More

Bye Bye Duncan

We here at The Match Referee have been warning you of the fate of the English cricket team and it's coach for some time yet. We implored...Read More

Antagonised Africans

South Africans that is. Specifically, I refer to the likes of Nicky Boje and Graham Smith who seem to have arrived at a similar place of dis...Read More

TMR Update

Hi Folks, We apologise for the lack of posts over the past week or so. We have been busily trying to sort out our shift to the blogger beta...Read More

Fix The Pitches

The Australian’s have to be the biggest hypocrites in the world. For years and years we have heard criticism of pitches all over the world. ...Read More
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