Monday, May 18, 2009

MS Dhoni To Marry By 2010

Apparently so, straight from the horse's (no pun intended) mouth. Cricketing topics of any significant relevance are very thin on the ground at present, and given that of the about 30% of the 130-odd emails we get every week pertain to the lady loves of Indian cricket stars and the thousands of searches for "dhonis girlfriend", "sexy woman", "pathans girlfriend", etc, (my personal favourite being "sexy womans shirt" - why anyone would search for that phrase on this site beats me), I thought what better topic than this.

Lakshmi Rai seems to believe that MSD has eyes for her, and only her, to the extent that he wants to marry her "within a year or two". Quite obviously, Yuvraj Singh's wild ways have not yet rubbed off on the MSD.

One wonders exactly how much truth there is to this rumour, given that Dhoni is ultra-strict about protecting his privacy and that of his loved ones. Would he really marry a woman who uses his name to gain publicity for her fledgling acting career? I don't know the kid, nor do I mean to be judgemental, but that would seem highly out of character the Team India captain.

However, love is blind and it has been known to entrap more distinguished souls. Apart from being the proverbial dagger in the heart for many females the world over, this appears yet another example of Bollywood exploiting cricket's aura to further its own naked ambitions.

Unfortunately for our more voyeuristic readers, me thinks Dhoni is one man who is unlikely to provide us the naked truth any time soon.

Lets just hope and pray that any such alliances do not affect Dhoni, or any other cricketer's (is Yuvraj reading this?) on-field abilities. We still have the world to conquer.

PS. MSD has everything and more going for him. Why would he want to settle for such mediocrity? Surely he can do better, no?

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