Monday, January 21, 2008

Australia v India: Are The Indians Listening?

Quite naturally, when an all-conquering side like the Australians lose a match the usual sound bites must be provided by the players and reported by the media. I'm quite sick of hearing the monotonous, "we will bounce back", "it was only one loss" and the myriad other cliches that are delivered.

However, one comment by Ricky Ponting at the end of a relatively innocuous report full of the usual dribble. Ponting had the following to say about the days preceding the all-important Adelaide clash:
"We'll work harder than India in the next week to get ourselves right."

Now, Anil Kumble and the rest of the Indian think-tank are smart men. They would have realised that any hint of complacency after the Perth win will spell doom for their team. To this end, they would undoubtedly have been imploring their your charges to work harder during the break to keep honing their games.

If the young kids need any evidence or ammunition to spur them into action, surely this comment by Ponting is it. Ponting made similar comments after he lost The Ashes in 2005, and we all know what happened in the 16 test matches thereafter. If I were Kumble I'd print out that comment in size 38 font and stick it on the dressing room wall.

The Indians will be foolish to leave any stone unturned as they prepare to level the series at one of their more favoured Australian hunting grounds. I have no doubt that Ponting's comment will not merely be a rallying call for his own team, but will also remind Team India of what needs to be done to ensure that they are not simply be remembered as one-hit-wonders.

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