Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Should David Beckham Do? Have Your Say

He is possibly the most talked about sports star of our age. Whether it be for his supreme footballing skills, good looks, his wife or his alleged philandering, everyone has an opinion on David Beckham. Why should you be left out?

As the great man's football career appears stalled at a precarious crossroad, we here at The Match Referee are giving you the chance to tell the man himself what he should do with his life. We are not sure whether he reads our literary works of genius, however, we value your opinions. Thus, we make a promise to you that the results of collective views will be delivered to subject, by hook or by crook.

So click and vote your hearts out ladies and gents. Vote as often as you like (none of this one person, one vote rubbish on this site) and make yourselves heard. Power to you and power to the people!

What Should David Beckham Do?
Give up football and become a house husband, because he's no good at football anyway
Dump Victoria Beckham for somebody not so anorexic
Tough it out at Real Madrid & get In Capello's good books
Get on his hands knees and beg Alex Ferguson to give him another Man United contract
Give up football to start a full-time modelling career, because he's no good at football anyway
Get Australian citizenship so he an win us the next World Cup
Give up football to finish his career on a high note
Convince Victoria Beckham to put on some weight
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